Ads 468x60px - Giffgaff Sign In / Network Coverage Review is basically mobile phone service provider stated in United Kingdom. It is a mobile phone network operator. On 25th November 2009 this service was lunched. It special feature as we can say that over here user also can take part in the process of company e.g., sales, operation, marketing, finance etc. by doing this user got payback for it. If you want to get advantage of giffgaff services, first need to sign in on company’s official website

giffgaff network review
Products and services :
There are many products of giffgaff we discussed below:
1) SIM card
The main product or we can say that core product is simcard which support 2g and 3g. it can get by two ways, first directly from the website and second, as a gift from existing member. We can purchase it by e voucher and for top up payments through website you can use debit card or credit card. Swap cards is not using for purchasing. Pay by credit card, it is the best way. For using simcard user have unlock mobile phone. And it work on O2 network.
2)      Customer service
Customer service is we can say that network members are solving issue of customers. Most of the time this questions are rise by regular customers. In October 2010 it integrates with facebook and twitter.
3) Giffgaff labs
For a short period of time product idea is tested to all members in giffgaff lab. If they are successful in their first stage then it will be launch and it withdrawn if didn’t meet their expectations.
4) Community provided applications
I phone and network app are using for maintaining customer account. But the fact was that app was produced by member of giffgaff.
5) Payback
Value of money redeem in three ways: either as airtime credit, as cash which is sent directly to a PayPal account, or as a donation sent to a community-nominated charity, the value of which is matched by Giffgaff.

How to join giffgaff?
1) Get a giffgaff simcard
Two things you have that is unlock handset and simcard. We can order a free sim card through their website.
2) Unlock phone
When you first enter simcard into your phone you got a error sign and no coverage. It’s says that your phone is lock to previous network.
3) Make first top up after activate simcard
You have to activate your sim through online. After that you have to enter code which is on your simcard and create user name. And after that you will make your first top up.  
4) Bring your existing number to giffgaff
It’s a very simple process. You have to get PAC code from your previous network and then after you only fill form to transfer your number into giffgaff.

Ways to updates giffgaff settings :
There are basically two types of process. Automatically and manually. In automatic way you will get a message that we are sending giffgaff settings. You have to save and activate these settings. And now your phone is giffgaff. Another way is manually, you have to send message like “setting” to 2020- you will get data and mms setting. If you have old phone then we get message like “your phone is not support web so if you want it you have to do manually”. For this you can visit website

Giffgaff Customer Service Number :Many people finds giffgaff customer service number but they do not operate a call centre, so there is no telephone number. Support is only web based.

Conclusion :
Over all giffgaff is a mobile service and it is very useful in a daily life of people. It has various advantages and it is very easy to operate.                

Giffgaff Network Coverage Review : Under this review section you can write review about giffgaff network coverage by giving comments on our comment box, that given below.

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