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Gold Vending - Gold ATM Vending Machine Video Preview

ATM (automatic teller machine) the word says that we can use this machine for withdrawing our money. We deposit our money in bank and bank gives us an ATM card to withdraw our money at anywhere. So by this facility we can save our time and money to reach bank.

Recently news heard about GOLD ATM VENDING MACHINE means now we can withdraw gold also from this machine. We enter our card in it and we get gold bar. It looks like any other vending machine. But rather than serving up sandwiches or fizzy drinks, this one dispenses gold bars.

gold atm vending machine
Gold Vending Machine
What Is a Gold ATM Vending Machine?
The German company behind the machines, Ex Oriente Lux, is capitalizing on gold's traditional status as a safe haven investment in times of economic turmoil. Price of gold is automatically change in every 10 minutes as per market. Ange from a one-gram coin for about £40 ($A60) to a 250-gram bar for about £10,250. Credit card takes by machine. Also expected to be used by gift-seekers and offers a special 2.5-gram bar with the London skyline engraved on the reverse.

Joe Drexler, of Ex Oriente Lux, says there is no security for that vending machine because it is fully alarmed and reinforces steel. It would cost you a great deal more money to get the gold out than the value of the gold inside.' The 1g gold bar price is 41. Its price is as below then flowers. Added: "Gold to go provides private investors with easy, convenient access to physical gold at fair, real-time prices.

At last 10 year we can see that price of gold is increase by faster growth. In 2001 price is 270$ and now price is reach to 1500$. That indicates that price of a gold is increasing day by day. The first gold vending machine in the world opened for business in June 2009 in the departure hall of Frankfurt Airport's Terminal 1. Germany, Italy, Spain, the US and the United Arab Emirates, In these countries gold dispensers already installed.

As we can say that the technology changes day by day. We can withdraw money, gold; at one time we can withdraw products from machine. This change is good for us and is not a risky for us it is fully reinforcing steel machine as we seen above. This is a awesome idea that we can get sold bars by just enter a card.


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