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Vijaya Bank VNET Banking - Security of Account and Password

VNET Banking - Security of Account and Password:
Vijaya bank has one type of banking system which is known as VNET banking that’s provides easy banking service to their Client. Client or applicant may enjoy this service which is available through bank.

It is a medium sized organization with presence across India. It was founded by Attavara Balakrishna Shetty at Bunts Hostel in Mangalore on October 23, 1931. When it was started, it was the day of Vijayadashami, so it was named ‘Vijaya Bank’. Shri. H.S Upendra Kamath is the Chairman & Managing Director of this bank. Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty, who was the Chief Executive of the bank, is largely credited with these mergers. The bank was nationalized on April 15, 1980. Currently, with them employs are about 12,107 people.

It has 1300 branches as on 28/03/2012. It has 49 extension counters and total number of ATMs is 669. These all branches are working on CBS platform which is covering 100% of this bank’s business.

Vijaya Bank is one of the few banks in the country to take up principal membership of VISA International and MasterCard International.

It’s too easy to open or create an account with them. For safety or security of account and password, client should do the following steps.
  • Keep password and other account details absolutely secret,
  • Ignore any emails requesting VNET banking login information,
  • Use safe computers without any viruses,
  • Try to use private machines or computer at home,
  • If using public machines, log out after each session,
  • View account totals to make sure no one else has accessed the account.
  • By using this system and care of account, stay safe and enjoy this service.

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