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The Smurfs Movie Review / Story / Cast / Trailer / Poster

The all latest recent released the Smurfs has launched with their first of the first 3D voyage to the big screen of cinemas castes by the Columbia Pictures'/Sony Pictures. The film is all animated to convey the mixture of provision with live - action and family comedy.

the smurfs movie poster and review
The Smurfs Poster

Lokpal Draft Bill Approved - Latest News For Cabinet Clears Jan Lokpal Bill

After all the Union Cabinet in a meeting on Thursday, July 28, 2011, has approved the Lokpal draft Bill. The anti- graft Lokpal Bill will be introduced in parliament in the monsoon session that begins Monday.

jan lokpall draft bill
Jan Lokpal Bill

Windows Phone 7 Mango Update RTM-Latest News Release

Windows Phone 7 Mango Update RTM-Latest News Release
Microsoft by the planning to launch its new era in the diction of the smart telephony comes to the release of the all new Microsoft Mango 7. According to Microsoft’s Cliff Simpkins Windows Phone 7 "Mango" is now RTM.

Though Mango’s launch has not forecasted yet, it seems to be the most awaited in the industry which focuses on the performance of the Windows Phone 7 earlier models. The distinctive characteristics of the phone are not till released but, it is said to have the major advantage among all the racing models with a view in providing the top latest technology to be used in Windows Phone 7, whether it is GPS, EDGE, Google +, Google Maps Review with live presentation or any other parameter.

 Windows Phone 7 Mango Update RTM-Latest News Release
Windows Phone 7 Mango Update RTM

Norway, Oslo explosion-blast Latest News/Video/Photos

In Oslo, the capital city of Norway was wrecked by two huge explosion on July 22, 2011. In this two blasts, which occurred just after lunch, 91 dead, dozens injured, buildings damaged including government buildings. The explosion was in central Oslo near Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's office.

There were no reports about cause of the blasts. It was also unclear that a terrorist attack or other else. But witnesses said that the blasts were like car bomb.

Oslo, Norway Bomb blast 2011
Oslo, Norway Explosion

New Flexi-Call Bundle Cell Phone Plans Of Mobal

Mobal Communications is a telecommunications company. That’s provides an international cell phone and satellite phone service. The UK and Japan division are named Mobell Communications and their US domestic service named as Mobal Freedom.

mobal freedom's new flexi call plans
Mobal Freedom

Mumbai Bomb Blast 2011– Latest News video, Terrorist Bomb Attack In Mumbai

India’s financial hub Mumbai on July 13, 2011 rocked in three bomb explosions. Home Ministry and also Mumbai police described these blasts as a “terror strike.”

Home Ministry, Mumbai said that all three explosions had targeted busy areas of Mumbai, including a wholesale gold market. The explosions were occurred in Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House area and in Dadar – Kabutarkhana.

Mumbai Bomb blast 2011
Mumbai Bomb Blast 2011

Mumbai Bomb Blasts July 13, 2011- Latest News/Photos/Video

Mumbai was rocked by serial bomb blasts at 7:00 pm today, July 13, 2011. Just two days ago was the fifth anniversary of the 7/11 blasts. According to latest reports more than 300 people have been injured, more than 21 people killed and were taken to GT hospital in Mumbai.

HP’s Ultrabook Laptop – News / Review / Launch Date / Price / Specifications

Today’s technology upgradation speed is very fast. So the ultraportable laptop competition is really heating up. As a news that was confirmed, HP release “two or more” Ultrabooks to rival the Apple MacBook Air. At the D9 conference last month, Hewlett-Packard’s CEO Leo Apotheker said “If you use a state-of-the-art laptop it is as sleek, as slim as an iPad“. And he stated “there’s a whole new product refresh coming out”. He also made some interesting comments about a new ultra-slim HP laptop design.

hp ultrabook laptop

Time Warner Cable, Clearwire and Sprint Expands 4G Mobile Broadband Network

Today’s big announcement for mobile broadband customers in the greater New York City metro area is that “ Time Warner Cable and Sprint will doing expansion of the Clearwire 4G network footprint and key capacity upgrades”.

time warner cable 4g network
Enjoy 4G Coverage

Video Setup Tutorial Demo - How To Use Facebook’s Video Call

Chief executive and president of the social networking site Facebook Mark Zukerburg launched Video chat features with Skype on 6th July, 2011. Facebook is trying to beat back a challenge from Google, which began beta-testing its own social video chat feature, Google+ Hangouts. Now you can enjoy chat on video confirmation with your friends and family from anywhere and watch their smile on your screen.

how to use facebook's video calling
Facebook Video Calling - Giffgaff Sign In / Network Coverage Review is basically mobile phone service provider stated in United Kingdom. It is a mobile phone network operator. On 25th November 2009 this service was lunched. It special feature as we can say that over here user also can take part in the process of company e.g., sales, operation, marketing, finance etc. by doing this user got payback for it. If you want to get advantage of giffgaff services, first need to sign in on company’s official website

giffgaff network review

Pippa Middleton Biography And Pictures

Biography of pippa middleton:
"Pippa" Middleton is an English party planner, socialite and sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She born on 6 September, 1983. On 29 April 2011, she was the maid of honor at her sister's wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, second in the line of succession to Queen Elizabeth II.

pippa middleton biography
Pippa Middleton

How To Use Facebook / Skype New Video Calling Feature - Video

Facebook has introduced a new video chat service by Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg at company’s California headquarters on July 6, 2011. The video chatting is powered by Skype. Facebook also released a new messaging app designwhich giving a more capacity to add users to a group chat.

Facebook has 750 million users and the new service of video chat could be a huge boost for Skype, here Skype has about 145 million users, said that Zuckerberg.

Facebook-Skype video chat
Facebook-Skype Video Chat – Playstation Blog, Playstation Network Sign up / Sign in : Playstation network is a place where we can play online games. This digital service provided by Sony computer entertainment for use with the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable video game consoles. In it we can play online multiple games, chat with friend and family all over the world and wed stuff for free. We can enjoy our self over here. For these services need a registration or sign up process on their official website

playstation network review
Playstation Network

Google+ Invite - How To Get Google+ Invite (Invitation)

Google is now a day’s center for their upcoming project Google plus. Which basically a competitor of facebook.  Their main aim for launching this project is get live relationship with friend and your relatives. The navigation bar at the top of every Google page will turn Black with new options where you can access your Google+ profile and Notifications. We expect this from Google. They are people of innovative things to do. They always think about creative idea and see how to give better service to customer. There official website is
how to get google+ invitaion
Google+ Invitaion 

Gold Vending - Gold ATM Vending Machine Video Preview

ATM (automatic teller machine) the word says that we can use this machine for withdrawing our money. We deposit our money in bank and bank gives us an ATM card to withdraw our money at anywhere. So by this facility we can save our time and money to reach bank.

Recently news heard about GOLD ATM VENDING MACHINE means now we can withdraw gold also from this machine. We enter our card in it and we get gold bar. It looks like any other vending machine. But rather than serving up sandwiches or fizzy drinks, this one dispenses gold bars.

gold atm vending machine
Gold Vending Machine

Facebook's New Features 2011 - Facebook Launch New Features

Facebook as we all know is a social networking site. The founder of a facebook is MARK ZUCKER BERG. Now a day’s facebook is a very popular site in all people specially youngsters.  Facebook has over 500 million users all around the world. This says’ that facebook has large number of user base who take its site advantage.

facebook's new features
Facebook's New Features 2011

New Apps (Applications) For The HP TouchPad

The TouchPad is a mobile tablet computer from HP. This year looks good for HP because finally, HP Touchpad PC released its first WebOS-powered device in the United States on July 1, 2011, and in many countries shortly thereafter. The tablet goes on sale at as well as a host of national retailers in the United States. HP plans to release an AT&T cellular connected version, later this summer. HP TouchPad tablet will be released with about 300 apps (Applications), according to the company. Here gives a video for New Apps (Applications) of The HP TouchPad.

hp touchpad new apps
HP TouchPad Apps

Why Google+ (Plus) Is Better Than Facebook ?

Google+ (plus) is a next project of Google. And this right now only for limited number of people. Basically it is a social networking site like facebook.  In today’s world everyone knows about facebook specially youngsters. Facebook is a top level social networking site in recent scenario but now Google+ (plus) is a tough competitor of facebook.
             There is a no doubt in that facebook has large number of users  so if you want to challenge facebook you have to be better then it. Your facility should be better than facebook then only you can survive.

google+ vs. facebook
Google+ vs. Facebook