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Windows Phone 7 Mango Update RTM-Latest News Release

Windows Phone 7 Mango Update RTM-Latest News Release
Microsoft by the planning to launch its new era in the diction of the smart telephony comes to the release of the all new Microsoft Mango 7. According to Microsoft’s Cliff Simpkins Windows Phone 7 "Mango" is now RTM.

Though Mango’s launch has not forecasted yet, it seems to be the most awaited in the industry which focuses on the performance of the Windows Phone 7 earlier models. The distinctive characteristics of the phone are not till released but, it is said to have the major advantage among all the racing models with a view in providing the top latest technology to be used in Windows Phone 7, whether it is GPS, EDGE, Google +, Google Maps Review with live presentation or any other parameter.

 Windows Phone 7 Mango Update RTM-Latest News Release
Windows Phone 7 Mango Update RTM

Mango is expressing to be dressed up with the all features which include a redesigned Xbox Live Hub, and the high resolution multi tasking home- screen tiles capable of displaying up – to – date of the information. Also may fulfill the ability to merge friends and colleagues and families into groups, with the services of visual voicemail and also with approximately 500 new elements in all.

On the dated of 26th July, 2011, the official Windows Team Blog team disclosed the most awaiting news for the same model that the Mango build of Windows Phone 7 was complete for the generation change. This news leaked the news and somewhat the news that the all new WP7 smartphones will come with this OS version pre-installed with them, whereas all the carriers and manufacturers will characterised this latest version build to suit their smartphones.

As said with the preceding information, the news that has came to revealed by the manufacturer contains the important debut which says that one new feature which is coming to Windows Phone 7 is dubbed “Threads”, which would so facilitate together text messages, instant messaging and Facebook chat into one conversation, which would be really a great experience and time saving.

Microsoft has also announced that Live Tiles will be greatly improved in Mango and will be designed to be more and more instructive and active than before. Also the Mango will bring it its system with the Local Inspector inbuilt to the WP7′s web browser, which will help the user to find things nearby them such as places to eat and drink, entertainment, shopping, things to see and do and too indicating the locale highlights.

So, it is expected hopefully that the smartphone industry would hear the dates which will launch the Mango hitting the specific smartphones on precise networks soon.

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