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New Apps (Applications) For The HP TouchPad

The TouchPad is a mobile tablet computer from HP. This year looks good for HP because finally, HP Touchpad PC released its first WebOS-powered device in the United States on July 1, 2011, and in many countries shortly thereafter. The tablet goes on sale at as well as a host of national retailers in the United States. HP plans to release an AT&T cellular connected version, later this summer. HP TouchPad tablet will be released with about 300 apps (Applications), according to the company. Here gives a video for New Apps (Applications) of The HP TouchPad.

hp touchpad new apps
HP TouchPad Apps
Many apps in HP's catalog such as the games, are paid. Every TouchPad must be associated with a Palm Profile, and setting up your profile includes adding a credit card. After that, it's just two clicks to buy apps—quick and seamless.

Video From Youtube

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