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Google+ Invite - How To Get Google+ Invite (Invitation)

Google is now a day’s center for their upcoming project Google plus. Which basically a competitor of facebook.  Their main aim for launching this project is get live relationship with friend and your relatives. The navigation bar at the top of every Google page will turn Black with new options where you can access your Google+ profile and Notifications. We expect this from Google. They are people of innovative things to do. They always think about creative idea and see how to give better service to customer. There official website is
how to get google+ invitaion
Google+ Invitaion 
Google+ launches this service for limited number of people not for everyone. For their customer satisfaction is important. So introduces many new features including Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddles. Google+ will also be available as a desktop application and as an application on Android and iOS.

Google+ invite (Invitation)
Google+ as has many exiting features to operate like better service management, mobile app, easier to stuff to share, get your data back, photo tagging, strong group chat user, safer content  sharing. As we seen before that google launch this project not for everyone. This is right now on initial stage. So there is a small group of people use it. But if you don’t want to wait till Google launch Google+ then you have to access your account in Google+. The process is first you have to filling a FORM, and send a request to Google for accept our request for become Google+ user. You have to write your name and email id in form. Through your email id Google send you and invite you to use Google+. This is first time that Google launch its project by invitation before it Google wave is a project by invitation. Open registration is where any user can freely join. Closed registration involves an existing member recommending a new member and approval is sought amongst the existing members. The basis of the invitation system is that a member can grant approval to a new user without having to consult any other members. Existing members may receive a set number of invitations (sometimes in the form of tokens) to allow others to join the service. Those invited to a website are typically sent either a specialized URL or a single-use pass code.

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