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How To Use Facebook / Skype New Video Calling Feature - Video

Facebook has introduced a new video chat service by Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg at company’s California headquarters on July 6, 2011. The video chatting is powered by Skype. Facebook also released a new messaging app designwhich giving a more capacity to add users to a group chat.

Facebook has 750 million users and the new service of video chat could be a huge boost for Skype, here Skype has about 145 million users, said that Zuckerberg.

Facebook-Skype video chat
Facebook-Skype Video Chat
The internet search king nearly unveiled social networking app Google+, which has a fire feature called Hangouts. The Hangouts is killer feature in Google+. The Hangouts feature allows Google+ members to group video chat in free with maximum 10 persons. And the other hand Skype charges extra for group video chatting.

The war between Facebook and Google+ has heats the internet world. The Google+ Hangouts supports up to 10 users while Facebook video chatting calls one to one only, but Facebook has two big advantages, 1st 750 million users already Facebook has, thus lots of your friends on service, the other hand Google+ is not open to the public today.

The 2nd advantage is that Facebook video chat and other features are so easy to use, so very easy to all that figure it out fast. Let’s checked it out, how does it.
During a demo video chatting, Facebook engineer Philip Su call up a colleague by clicking the chat tab. The feature of video chat is available on Mac PCs and also both of Windows. It works only between two friends of Facebook.

Su said in an interview, "Our aim is not to build something that big, our goal is much broader reach."

First of all downloads the software of Skype. Now setting up a text chat with a friend, and then click the video camera button in the tip blue bar. Assuming your friend accepts the call, the screen will show your dear friend in the main window with you in a smaller box… and enjoy video call.

Mark Zuckerberg said during the launch on Wednesday, "This is by far the easiest way to get connected by video, if it was any easier, it would be like reading your mind."

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