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New Flexi-Call Bundle Cell Phone Plans Of Mobal

Mobal Communications is a telecommunications company. That’s provides an international cell phone and satellite phone service. The UK and Japan division are named Mobell Communications and their US domestic service named as Mobal Freedom.

mobal freedom's new flexi call plans
Mobal Freedom
Mobal Freedom offers its US customers a local service with the same benefits as its international services. The company has now expanded its product base into offering a low cost, no contract cell phone service for Americans. New York City based a cell phone company Mobal Freedom, has launched four new cell phones plans on July 19, 2011. New plans help to customers to take control of their cell phone bills. These an upgraded basic plans start at just $9.99 with $15 free inclusive call allowance a month.

In these days, just about everyone has a cell phone, but here a problem is that, traditional cell phone plans tend to be very expensive, some customers pay hundreds of dollars a month for wireless service. But don’t worry now Mobal Freedom has changed the face of traditional wireless phone service. They offer no contract cell phone plans, and some of the cheapest cell phone plans. They has just upgraded its basic no contract cell phone plan, and also launched three new plans for customers who are looking to break free from long term cell phone contracts, or the hassles of recharging a prepaid phone.

The new plans give customers a "Flexi-Call Bundle" that adapts to the way most people use their cell phones and their wireless service needs. The plans are simple; no contract cell phone plans where customers only pay for the minutes used and never a penny more. Customers never required signing a contract with company. This Flexi-Call Bundle can be used for talking, texting and surfing, meaning people are no longer wasting money on unused calls and texts.

Enjoy with four flexible plans: new wireless plan that will adapt to your needs. From as little as $9.99 a month you can enjoy a plan with FREE calls, FREE texts and FREE mobile Internet allowance! You can carry over your allowance and there is NO contract, NO cancellation fees and NO worries. You can get more information for the new Flexi-Call Bundle plans, on company’s official website:
And call for customer support on 888-449-8168, or email at support(at)

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