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Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me (New Single 2011)

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me (New Single 2011)
On January 11, the Pop Princess Britney Spears is back. She releases her new single, ‘Hold It Against Me’.

The demo version was leaked online but the real one will far from you only few days. Britney already posted the cover art for the new single on her Twitter page tweeted, ‘Heard an early demo of my new single leaked. If u think that's good, wait til you hear the real one Tuesday. -Brit’.

After leaked of the new track of ‘Hold It Against Me’ Dr. Luke Tweeted,’ that version of hold it against me is really really old... it don't sound like that anymore... it's WAY better :-p". Dr. Luke and Max Martin was the duo who has been longtime producers for Britney; and the new track was also produced by them.
This new single is rocking. Enjoy it at on January,11. Here enjoy ‘Hold It Against Me’ promos and also leaked version.

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