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Justin Bieber Is A Vanity Fair Cover Boy - Video

Justin Bieber Vanity Fair Cover Boy
Justin Bieber is cover boy of Vanity Fair magazine’s February 2011 issue. Justin is teen pop sensation. The 16 year old Justin is idolizes the Beatles and dreams about visiting the moon.
Contributing editor of Vanity Fair Lisa Robinson interviews Justin Bieber. Justin had share his lots of thoughts about music and also himself.

Let’s check that what Justin had to share to his fans:
‘It's hard to really balance myself. A regular kid, if he catches the flu, he just gets to go home. But I can't do that.. Everything is important. But, you know, my sanity is important, too. Even if I'm angry, I'll just put a smile on my face and fake it.’

‘I just turn over all night and think. My mind races. I think about all the things I didn't have time to think about during the day - like family and God and things that should be more important but you don't have time to think about, because you just get caught up [in everything else] during the day.’
‘Music is music, and I’m definitely influenced by Michael Jackson and Boyz II Menand people who were black artists—that’s what I like. But I like their voices and I like how they entertain—it’s not about what color they are. Michael was able to reach audiences from young to old; he never limited himself. He was so broad, everybody loved him, and that’s what my goal is—to basically make people happy, to inspire them, and to have everyone root for me.’
Justin’s Cover of Vanity Fair releases on January 6 in LA and New York and in the rest of USA on January 11.
Let’s watch the makings of the Vanity Fair Justin Bieber Cover Video.

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