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Motorola-Sprint Photon 4G – Video Review

Motorola announced the android based ‘Photon 4G’ Smartphone, which will be coming before the end of the year 2011. The two companies, Motorola and Sprint are working together with a target and ‘Photon 4G’ is the first realistic result.

The concept of the Motorola’s ‘Atrix 4G’ and ‘Photon 4G’ are similar. There are equal parts phone and computing devices. Photon is the Atrix’s cool option, which turns the phone into a notebook.

Photon 4G

Photon 4G is a small optional HDMI dock and turns in to computer that can drive a large monitor and also TV. It is connect with a keyboard and mouse, which much easier to use than on-screen keyboard. Photon 4G is well working at sending emails, showing online videos and browsing the Web.

Photon has a small optional remote control for volume; operate videos and adjusting other things.

Its large dimensions with rubberized back coating have the Photon looking solid. The Photon’s 4.3 inch screen can show 540x960 sharp and bright resolution. It is suitable for better view of games and movie videos. Touch screen of the phone is very responsive.

Photon uses a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor with 1GB RAM and 16GB of flash storage with extendable to 48GB. It has both front and rear facing cameras, front VGA webcam is a little shaky and back facing 8 MP camera with dual LED flash is looking rich.

On the Sprint’s Wimax 4G network will Photon operate that is running in about one hundred Amercan cities and where 4G coverage not available the Photon falls back to Sprint’s EV-DO network and at slower speed GSM standard, it can also connect in Asia and European countries.

As people response, the Photon 4G could be the best phone when we need to make calls and be minicomputer when we need work and play. Although company representatives was not say about its pricing accessories and service plans.

Watch video review of Motorola-Sprint Photon 4G.

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