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Nokia N9 – Price, Features and Video Review

Nokia announced the first MeeGo based smartphone named Nokia N9, in Singapore on June 21, 2011. The N9 is the world's first pure touchscreen phone. This Phone has no front-facing buttons and the user interface is handled with touches and swipes.

Nokia N9 has in favor of Microsoft’s windows Phone operating system. Phone is a stylized, minimalistic device with a unibody design and a pretty 3.9-inch curved display.
Nokia N9
Nokia N9

Phone has three different home screen views, designed to focus on apps, notifications, and switching between activities. But phone has no home key and this is a most interesting feature, when we are in application, swiping from the edge of the display will pull up home screen.

The Phone will be available in three colors—black, cyan, and magenta with 16GB and 64GB storage. Market analysts inference that Nokia N9 16 GB version may pricing at approx $660 and in India at Rs.30K, and Nokia N9 64GB version may pricing at approx $749 and in India at Rs.35K. This phone will be hit shelves on 2011 end.

The Nokia N9 features are as under:
-3.9 inch AMOLED screen
-Polycarbonate body
-NFC connectivity
-8-megapixel autofocus camera
-Dolby Digital Plus sound

Let’s watch review video about Nokia N9 smartphone here.

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