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T-Mobile Father’s Day Offer - A Yearly Free Data Plan

T – Mobile offers a year’s worth of free data for Father’s day. On June 18, 2011, T – Mobile launching an offer for one day only for new and existing customers of free data for new talk, text and data plan. This plan will continue with at least 18 months of contract tenure on a 2 year contract.

T - Mobile Father's Day Gift Offer

On Father’s day, you will give something new to Dad, with T – Mobile’s special ‘Father’s Day Offer’. Let’s see how it works.

You will sign up of 200 MB data plan for T – Mobile, now every month the pink carrier will refund $10 in credit. If you will get larger data packages of 2GB, 5GB, 10GB and unlimited plan, T – Mobile will also offer $10 in monthly credit in your account.

It means you will save minimum $120 on data over the year. Who sign up for mobile broadband plans, the same rule applies.

If you will make a memorable celebration of Father’s day, you will give him this extra ordinary gift. So, hurry up this deal is for one day only.

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