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Google+ Sign Up / Login / Invitation / Features / Google Plus Business Page

Google+ Sign Up / Login / Invitation / Features / Plus Business Page:
The search giant Google has finally launches its top secret social network Google+ on June 28, 2011. Google plus is online sharing ‘awakward’, but this service is not for mass group sharing. This project begins rolling out a very limited field test, so you can try to sign up to request a Google+.

Firstly Google has given an entry form that says to user to submit their first name and email address so they can stay posted as the Google+ service is rolled out more fully and easy. Google wrote on the entry form, “We’re still ironing out a few kinks in Google+, so it’s not quite ready for everyone to climb aboard. But, if you want, we’ll let you know the minute the doors are open for real. Cool? Cool.”

Google+ Sign Up / Features / Review
Google+  Features / Review
Let’s check Google+ features here,

Circles is named for a service of Google+ that focused on sharing with various social groups not on sharing with a mass group of friends. Facebook, Twitter and other social services have not successful with friends’ lists but Google+ friend list products are very useful and handy.

In Google+ Circles system users can drag and drop their friends into several social circles for friends, classmates, family and many other custom groups. They also can drag groups in and out of these circles. When users remove a friend and a circle a puff of smoke and a-1 animation appears and rolls away off the screen.

Photos/Group Video Chat:
Google+ has a new section for managing, viewing and editing multimedia. The photo tab is available with image editor, privacy options and sharing features. One more interesting feature of Google+ is its Video chat; group chat has become a mainstream phenomenon here. Hangouts is the cool feature that Google changes the chat screen to whoever is currently talking, instead of place a chat window on the screen for each participant.

Sparks - Content Discovery:
Google+ Sparks is little search engine for find a interesting content and also one stop shop. Spark is a collection of articles, photos, videos and other content relies from Google Search, shared via Google+ and trough +1 buttons.

Mobile Apps:
Mobile apps also launch by Google+ and starting with Android. Auto upload is the surprise feature of the Android app, although the Android app access to the Stream, Sparks, Multimedia and Circles.

Google+ has a Twitter account and tweeting out information about the new services launched. Today Google+ tweet that, “When Google+ 2.0 is rolled out, should we name it Google++? Ya, still too early to say.”

Enjoy Google+…

Mr Obama's Google+ Page / Plus Hangout Transcript
Google plus is normally blocked in China but on 20 February 2012 internet-users in many parts of China found they could gain access to the site - prompting some to suggest occupying it, in a tongue-in-cheek reference to the Occupy Wall Street campaign. Chinese internet users have taken advantage of a temporary breach in the country's firewall by flooding one of the US president's social networking pages with calls for greater freedom.

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