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Apple iPhone 5G Launch Date / Price / Features

Release date: Apple rumors about the next iPhone have been flying around this week. Apple is planning to release an iPhone 5 as early as possible. After deviating from its release schedule and not announcing a new iPhone everyone guessing about its next release date. We see in past, Apple introduced a new iPhone every summer. But, according to different sources iPhone 5G will hit the markets in September.

apple iphone 5
Apple iPhone
Apple is focused on software, leaving observers and analysts believe that a new iPhone will be a no-show. Apple have all ready strong sales of its IPAD two now, and the iPhone 4 Verizon was undoubtedly a boost for sales. But after all delay or minor rehash the next iPhone has implications for large investors.

You know ?, In last year June when the iPhone 4 was launched, stocks ran out within hours and more demand crashed the Apple website.

The features of the new model is likely to include a faster computer chip and a more advanced camera. Currently iPhone 4 used 5-megapixel camera but in new model it would be an updatewith 8-megapixel. The new phone could be with many similarities to the £500 iPhone 4.

Some resource and rumors is stating that Price of iPhone 5 would be $305 for entry level model and for high end model it would be somewhere around $495 – $825.

Here gives a for New iOS 5 iPhone Operating System Review:

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