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Dhoni Shaves Head-Bald Look –Video and Photos

Dhoni Shaves Head-Bald Look –Video and Photos
Mahendra Singh Dhoni shaving off his head soon after wash out Sri Lanka in the World Cup final. Dhoni surprised the world with his bald head this morning, he shaved off his hair in the midnight in his hotel room in Mumbai. Dhoni is believed to have made a commitment to do so before a deity close to his hometown in Ranchi before the World Cup began.

Dhoni shave off the head between 2.45 am and 3 am. The hair will now be offered at the Balaji Tirupati. Dhoni's new look was first seen during an official photo session in front of the Gateway of India, where some members of the Indian cricket team posed with World Cup trophy. Incidentally, Dhoni had cut his long locks after India won the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa in 2007 which was praised by Pak President Parvez Musharraf.
Watch the video of MS Dhoni’s bald look with World cup trophy.

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