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A Man With No Face, USA’s First Full Face Transplant - Video

A Man With No Face, USA’s First Full Face Transplant - Video
USA’s first full face transplant has successfully done by Boston hospital. In November 2008 a Cherry picker Dallas Wiens was dangerously injured in an electric shock. His head touched a high voltage live wire and the burns totally erased his face. After that he called ‘a man with no face.’
A man with no face- 25 years old-Dallas Wiens is extremely pleased that he can get a new look and a new life with this full face transplant.
This first full face transplant in USA performed by 30- talented team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston.

Hospital Betsy Nable said, "Today's tremendous news marks a new milestone in Brigham and Women's legacy in transplant surgery. The pioneering achievement by the entire transplant team is a gift made possible by the most selfless act one human being can do for another, organ donation."
This face transplantation within 15 hours to replace Wiens’s nose, lips, facial skin, muscles of facial animation and the nerves that power them to provide sensation in direction of plastic surgeon Mr. Bohdan Pomahc with the team of physicians and nurses.
Watch these amazing videos of a man with no face and the USA’s first full face transplant.

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