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Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) is an investment carrying company who trading in security and derivatives and others, located in Singapore. Their official website and home page is, provides market information, Singapore stocks price updates and many more services. SGX is a member of the World Federation of Exchanges and the Asian and Oceania Stock Exchanges Federation.

sgx singapore exchange
Singapore Exchange
SGX Singapore
There are different types of SGX like, electronic trading system, derivative trading, security trading, derivative clearing, reach etc. The companies listed on SGX belong to one of two groups: the companies listed on the Main board and the companies listed on SESDAQ. For listing in main board criteria should be clear and for SESDAQ there is no set of rules. The exchange launched SGX QUEST (Quotation and Execution System) in August 2004. The system is used by the exchange for derivatives and securities trading.

History of SGX Singapore
On December 1, 1999 Singapore Exchange Limited was formed as a holding company. Through public offer and private placement it becomes 2nd exchange in Asia-pacific. On 25 September 2006, the Joint Asian Derivatives Exchange (JADE), a joint venture between SGX and Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) became operational. There are some acquisitions also done by Singapore Exchange. In 2007 Singapore Exchange Limited bought 5% stake in BSE. On 31 January 2008, they acquired a 20% stake in Philippine Dealing System Holdings Corp, which has become an associated company of SGX. On 30 June 2008; they completed the acquisition of Singapore Commodity Exchange Ltd (SICOM), which now is a 100% subsidiary. It’s 1ST repersentive office is in Beijing. Their mainly revenues are from the securities market (75%) and derivatives market (25%).

Listed companies in SGX
In 2010 there are 774 listing companies. In it 461 are domestic company, 160 are foreign company, and 153 are China Company. As of november2010, major shareholders in Singapore Exchange are SEL holding pte ltd has 23.45%, Citibank nominee Singapore pte ltd has 15.81%, DBS nominee pte ltd has 7.85%, DBSN service pte ltd has 5.99%, and hsbc (Singapore) has 5.06%.

SGX Nifty
Indian stock market now as we know opens at 9 am. Same ways SGX Nifty open before the Indian stock market at 8 am Indian standard time (IST) on all working days. Volumes have been picking up steadily for the Singapore contract over the month as international traders enjoy facilities such as cross-margining among other products, such as Nikkei Futures and MSCI Taiwan, besides the time advantage.

SGX stock prices
SGX stock price available at 9 am same as an Indian stock market.

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